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Even though we see technological advancements in a wide range of vehicles every day, some stand out in particular, and we are here to show you those. There are electric bikes that are 3D printed for your specific needs, and then there are electric skateboards that will make you want to get up and start riding right away regardless of your age or profession.

1. Track 1 Eboard:

Here's what the world's most functionally capable and cool-looking track one looks like the track one can ride snow, sand, dirt, and regular streets, making it one of the most efficient means of personal transportation you can get your hands on.
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It was designed to provide its users the freedom to ride different kinds of terrain. It's a super-compact off-road vehicle that can easily fit in the back seat of the car, but don't let that size fool you.

Track one is powerful enough to shred up the steepest of hills The track drive is truly one of its kind. Allowing you to go where no board has gone before, it's only fair to compare this kind of all-season all-terrain vehicle to a personal ATV.

2. Jyroball:

If you're looking for the most fun way to get from one place to another without compromising on efficiency, the Jyroball is for you. It's a 500-watt self-balancing electric ride that has a remarkably unique design.
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It's what the pinnacle of self-balancing mobility looks like. The Jyroball is highly maneuverable, compact, convenient, and fast.

That means most people can use it in their daily lives without hesitation. It takes a while to get used to, though, because it's undoubtedly not the kind of transportation we see too often, but once you get the hang of it, Jyroball can be surprisingly fun and useful for a wide range of purposes. Okay, comment down below which of these vehicles blew your mind the most.

3. Onewheel:

One wheel might just be the most fun toy you'll ever own. Have a look at Onewheel, an incredibly cool digital skateboard that will redefine what personal mobility looks like for you. The vehicle's single wheel contains a brushless electric motor that spins to propel riders forward or backward.
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It might look risky to ride, but the board makes thousands of micro-adjustments per second to ensure the safety and complete balance of the user. Another reason why One wheel is fun and so popular among young people is that riders can also choose to use an app that displays battery charge and miles traveled.

It even regulates different modes for the rider according to their preference. By using the app, riders can make other modifications and control board functions to personalize how the board responds to their riding cycle.

4. NineBot Go-Kart:

Who said Go-karts were for kids only until now, when you can also experience the game with power oversteer drifting, a ride that'll be fun for people of all ages without limitation. The Go-Kart pushes the boundaries of performance and refinement to new heights.
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Its high-end brushless motor isn't equipped with a hull sensor but features a pure copper coil with low internal resistance and low heat and electricity loss, boosting the vehicle's cruising range.

What's more, the NineBot Go-Kart pro also has a detachable self-balancing transporter, a top speed of 23 miles per hour, 96 Newton-meter ideal torque, a mile range of 15.5, and a maximum acceleration of 1.02 g. There's no denying that riders will be guaranteed a highly memorable and entertaining drifting experience with its cutting-edge rear tires.

5. Urmo:

You know a vehicle is worth the hype when it has been created by X Tesla and X BMW engineers. That's where Urmo gets the attention. This ultra-light, foldable urban electric vehicle that features a patent-pending folding mechanism will undoubtedly give you everything you look for in personal transportation.
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It's essentially an electric self-balancing scooter with a top speed of 10 miles per hour and a 13-mile range. What's more, the vehicle can be fully charged within two hours max. It'll hardly take two seconds for you to fold Urmo and carry it elsewhere, making it the definition of portability.

6. Superstrata Bike:

A bike that's 3D printed with a frame to fit yours is guaranteed to live up to all your expectations and personal requirements. It's no surprise the Superstrata Bike works so well. It's the world's first true unibody carbon fiber bicycle, after all. It comes in different modes for further specifications.
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The Superstrata Bike E-version even provides power-assisted propulsion, making it an all-electric ride worth remembering. What's more, the carbon fiber wheels of the bike are also 3D printed to complement your favorite version. It's one of the coolest modes of personal transportation that will have people turning around for a second look.

7. Lazareth Amphibie:

When it comes to amphibious vehicles, the Lazareth Amphibie stands out from its competitors like no other. It's essentially a beach car with a 400cc euro 4 engine and the ability to reach a top speed of 49.7 miles per hour on dry land.
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The vehicle also complies with the beach gear navigation category, which means you won't be wrong in calling it a boat tender either. It's four off-road wheels and an aluminum body combined to make sure every rider gets to enjoy unmatched agility and we're talking about all terrains included.

The Lazareth Amphibie can go from the road to the sea in just a few seconds, with its 1,000-watt electric propeller providing propulsion and allowing the car to travel across water at a top speed of 2.4 miles per hour.

8. Segway Mini pro:

This might look like a hoverboard at first, but the Segway Mini Pro is so much more than that. It's pretty much the next step in the evolution of personal transportation. It's like an upgraded hoverboard powered by 9bot technology.
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The vehicle features a hands-free two-wheel electric scooter with safer features, higher speeds, and longer battery life. The way this hoverboard is designed ensures that you get to travel over a wide range of terrain, so you can go wherever you want, anytime you like.

What's more, the mini pro boasts a top speed of 10 miles per hour, a battery that lasts over 14 miles, and an 800-watt high-performance engine that tells you everything you need to know about the vehicle's efficiency.

9. IEV X:

The future of electric vehicles is as intelligent as it gets and the IEV is a solid example. The manufacturers developed this incredible vehicle after years of research on the most ideal and sustainable solution to urban transportation.
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It not only saves the environment and the space around it but is also super comfortable and safe in its usage. This vehicle is entirely electric and can change in size based on one's needs. Transportation doesn't get more convenient than that.

The vehicle comes with a robotic charging system that allows automated charging of energy storage. It does so by developing a connection between the IEV and the IEV charging station. It's the kind of vehicle we love to see more of in the future.

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