Unconditional Love: Why Dogs Are a Man's Best Friend



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Everyone knows dogs are man's best friend. You will only truly appreciate what this means if you've ever been lucky enough to have one. They have been our faithful companions ever since they formed a bond with us knowing we’d feed them if they stuck around long enough.

There are countless reasons I can think of as to why dogs are our best friends. Hope this article will encourage you to home or adopt a loving furball that will change your life forever.

They are great companions

What better company is there than your dog's one? Especially when you’re feeling lonely and down. They’ll be right there for you, staring back at you with those puppy eyes. They're amazing to have around as company and once you do get used to them, the house feels so empty without them.

It's a win-win relationship

Humans and canines have a mutually beneficial and very special relationship. Dogs get love, shelter, food, and a safe place to live. We get company, affection, loyalty, love, and devotion.

It’s a win-win situation for both parties, and that’s why we love each other so much. There is no other animal on earth that we have quite the same relationship with. Not even with cats. Having a dog in your life will change you forever.

They're always excited to see us


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It’s the best feeling when you come home after a hard day, and there’s a big waggy tail there waiting for you. Every time we walk through the door, dogs show their love by jumping with joy and being so happy that we're back home.

You know you have a special bond with your dog when you go away for a few days and they're over the moon when you return home.

They will do anything for us

Dogs will do anything for their family or pack. They’ve been known to rescue their owners from all sorts of troubles. They would put themselves at risk to lend a paw to us.

Part of the reason our bond with them is so strong is that we know that they would do anything to protect us.

They teach us things about life


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If you want to know how to enjoy life, sit and observe your dog for a day. They are the ones who truly live in the moment. They take each day as it comes and enjoys every little moment.

Part of the reason why we have such an incredible bond with them is that they inspire us to live our best lives. They teach us to live in the moment and appreciate time with our loved ones and those who matter.

Your dog knows when you're in a good mood and shows this by wanting to play with you. In the same way, they can tell you're having a bad day and will let you be or comfort you. That's something you can count on that you'll receive whenever you need it.

Unconditional love

Dogs aren’t as complicated as us human beings. Once they love us, then it's forever. They love us for who we are, without judgment or pressure.

They are always there for us, wagging their tails showing us how much they love us and how much we mean to them.

And for us humans, to be loved by a dog no matter what we do or how we act is so precious. Your dog doesn’t care if you put on a few pounds or do something bad, they continue to love you no matter what.

We never have to work hard to earn a dog’s love, and we don’t have to love them first. They choose to love us no matter what, wholeheartedly. Even when we don’t deserve it or we’re angry that they’ve torn apart another pair of shoes, dogs love us anyway.

They can benefit our health

According to a recent study, dog owners are more likely to be healthier overall because of their increased level of activity.

Having a dog means we have to take them out for regular walks and that benefits us as well as our doggy companions. These daily commitments make a big difference and help increase our daily activity levels.

Other research also suggests that women sleep better when they cuddle up next to their dogs, rather than another human companion. So the next time you’re having sleeping problems, try cuddling up with your doggie!

Dogs are there no matter what

When you’re going through a hard time, it can help to have a dog around. Humans have an extra special bond with their fur babies because they are there no matter how hard times are.

Sometimes when times get tough you don’t want human contact, all you want is to cuddle up on the sofa with your furball. Studies have shown that dogs help decrease stress levels and allow us to show better performance at work.

Dogs don’t leave us, they stick around through thick and thin.

They protect us

Many people have a dog for protection as well as the company. There is an enormous list of dogs that are great as guard dogs. Even those who do not tend to bark or show signs of discomfort when a stranger approaches us with bad energy.

They bark when someone comes into the yard, a stranger comes to the door, or if we get too close to danger. They wake us up if there’s a natural disaster or other emergencies in the middle of the night. They sense earthquakes before they happen. Dogs will risk their lives to save yours without question.

They have incredible skills and talent

Humans have bred dogs to do lots of different jobs. Different breeds have different skills. Labradors are often used to guiding the blind whereas others are used for drug detection. It's fascinating how wild dogs can detect medical conditions like seizures and cancer.

The range of skills dogs have is quite extraordinary and yet another reason why we value and love them so much.

Dog owners will relate to everything I have shared above. And those who have never owned one yet, hopefully, this is the beginning of a very beautiful journey of unconditional love.

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