Failed! I broke my Keto Diet...


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Well, as with all my good intentions, they've collapsed like a house of cards.

Just kidding...

But what started as a reward for my birthday, extended into a birthday "week." and has taken on a life of its own.

Now as we come into the 13th day of February, I have realized I'm most definitely no longer in ketosis. I can't expect to bounce straight back into it again and will have to work back up to "fat-burning Adonis" levels again.

As annoying as it is to admit defeat, it is good to be able to take stock of what has happened to my body during Keto. And also reflect how my body has reacted to being out and back on "carbs."

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I've already written about my positive and negative experiences being on a keto diet so I won't dwell for too long on this so here it goes...

The good

Weight-loss isn't a goal or even a thought anymore.

I finally decided to get an app to track my keto.

Putting in my weight-loss goals etc, I realized I would meet them in a week... Keto is that effective at weight loss.

I now weigh as much as I did in high school and my new focus is actually on how to up my muscle and weight. Getting the best quality nutrient-dense is the only new dietary goal here.

The bad

Your relationship with the bathroom has changed forever.

To save some modesty I won't say much but, since "the new normal" is a thing, best get used to new expectations here too.

Frequency, consistency, and duration have changed and they don't look like coming back.

Given another month or so for my gut to adapt possibly... but I'm essentially back to square one.

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No Keto

This has been such as shock to me for sure. How my body has reacted to being around so much sugar and carbs again hasn't been a linear process that's for sure

The good

Eating out is an option again.

You have to hand it to the vegans. CHOOSING to have dietary restrictions is social suicide.

It's not that people have a problem with you being on Keto. It's more they feel they're doing a favor not inviting you to places they "know' you can't enjoy.

I have missed the freedom to mindlessly eat things and not have to check every nutritional label.

The problem is I can't forget what I've learned! 60g of carbs and sugar in one serving!?! It is impossible to go back to my old eating habits knowing just how much extra sugar they jam into everything.

Guess my health has taken a permanent step forward

The bad

My mood is all over the place.

I completely forgot how much your energy levels fluctuate on carbs.

One minute I'm manic almost ready to have an anxiety attack. Next, I'm desperately chugging coffee in an attempt to stay awake.

I have no idea how I ever managed to get any work done. In all fairness, I guess I wasn't.

One of my biggest concerns was how inefficient I am while working and I can see those fears weren't baseless.

My stomach problems have returned.

I have been suffering from ongoing stomach issues for the past year.

The first few weeks of keto didn't help this in any regard. As my body has slowly adapted though, the aches all over my body have slowly disappeared. Including my stomach ones.

Turns out cutting out wheat, sugars and other nasties have helped my stomach immensely. Who'd have thunk?

Now I'm back on carbs though, all the pain and discomfort is back. I'd argue it's worse, knowing what it feels like to not have to feel it anymore.

As we speak I'm sitting here feeling bloated and horrible. The modern diet isn't kind on our stomachs and I hate to think about what it is doing to the rest of our bodies.

My skin is terrible.

I've been so focused on my weight-loss, I admit I haven't been paying attention to more subtle changes in my body.

One change I didn't appreciate was how great and bright my skin had gotten.
Well no more!

I feel like a geeky teenager in high-school all over again. I have never had serious skin issues. Now my skin is constantly oily and I get little whiteheads popping up everywhere.

My scalp has become super dry, and for the first time in my life, I'm getting dandruff. I know it's a normal thing for a lot of people. But for someone who has never had it?

It's embarrassing!

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What now?

I think it is pretty obvious to say my goal is to get back onto the keto train ASAP.

The benefits I have enjoyed on this diet have blown my mind. I can see how I can incorporate this into a long term lifestyle choice.

Knowing the pitfalls I've had so far I'm taking a few days to properly plan out my next month of keto. Meal prep and online shopping are crucial tools to ensure I keep on track.

In my last post about keto, I lamented not having done more research but that was old Ian. The new Ian has done his research and is loaded with recipes and strategies for each stage as I go back into ketosis.

My mind is blown away by how many amazing keto products there are these days.

Nutrient-dense products that don't cost an arm and a leg (just the leg, keto is still more expensive let's be honest).

I'm also planning on incorporating exercise through every stage. I went for a surf on my birthday and was surprised by how little energy I had. Whether this was due to lack of exercise in general I don't know. It could just as easily be the beer I sculled on the way out.

In the pursuit of at least some scientific integrity, I plan to log these details more closely. It doesn't help me get my body looking awesomely svelte if it isn't functional in everyday life. I would be no better than those gym jocks I love to tease.

Although I may have fallen, I'm sure I'll rise back stronger in those weak places.

Wish me luck

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