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So you couldn’t resist the urge to join your workmates on a Friday afternoon and now you’re stuck standing in front of the bar not sure what to order.

Never fear! Having a night out and staying in keto isn’t as hard as it may sound.

With a few smart drinks choices you can enjoy your full night out and show those young whipper snappers what real dance moves really are!

All the while confident that you are safely still in your fat destroying keto-zone.

Party on Wayne!

Vodka, Whiskey, Rum and Gin


Pure spirits all have an amazing 0 carbs.

The problem comes from mixing it with all those fancy sugar laden syrups and fruit juices.

The solution? Simply channel your inner Jack Sparrow and drink your spirit straight.

Not only do you get to feel like a badass drinking straight whiskey or rum, but if you’re in for a long night, your only issue is going to be avoiding those late night takeaways.

You’re on your own there though unfortunately…

Light beer


If you just can’t resist that thirst quenching taste of a cold beer after a long day after work then luckily for you most companies make a low carb version of their beer.

Once upon a time these low carb versions were like Frankensteins monster and deserved to stay hidden on the bottom shelf of super market freezers.

These days though, more and more companies have figured out how to create not only delicious beers but beers that are low in carbs too.

The only caveat is they still have a few carbs, so try and stick to one or two of these to ensure you stay within your daily limits.

Champagne and Prosecco


If you are at a fancy occasion or trying to celebrate something special then you are in luck!

Dry sparkling wines all contain on average 1 gram of carbs per glass.

Now you can be the life of the party at all your distant relatives weddings, all the while being the envy of every guest at how slim and toned you seem to stay no matter how many weddings you attend.

Dry wines


Just like their sparkling cousins, dry wines are also very low in carbs. Sitting at around 3 grams per glass.

This is great news if you enjoy a glass of wine with your dinner once or twice a week.

The best varieties to go for would be sauvignon blanc and pinot grigio for you white lovers.

Prefer red?

Pinot Noirs are between 3-4 grams per glass so can definitely be enjoyed in moderation.

What about Cocktails?

Everyone is ordering fancy cocktail after fancy cocktail and although your straight bourbon is making you feel like a bit like Hemingway there is something special about getting a tall and elegant drink in a classy bar.

Luckily not all cocktails are sugar laden death traps.

Dry Martini


This eternally classy drink is a combination of gin or vodka (or even both) mixed with dry vermouth and garnished with a twist of lemon or an olive.

Coming in at a net 0 grams of carbs and you can stay the most confident and classy person at the bar all night long.

Skinny Bitch


As the name suggests this cocktail is low on calories but what most people don’t realise is it is zero carbs too!

This makes it the perfect drink to indulge on all night long and still maintain a nice slim waist line in the morning when the hangover clears.

Hard Seltzer


Seltzer is just fancy name for plain water that has been carbonated.

Unlike its malaria-curing cousin tonic, seltzer has 0 carbs and isn’t laden with syrups or other unnatural ingredients.

Spike this with vodka or gin and you have yourself a low calorie drink that not only helps you enjoy a night out but may just help hydrate your night as well.

Keto diets may sound restrictive and a fun-sponge to your weekend activities but with a few smart choices you can enjoy your nights out while keeping that advantage over your work colleges by staying in keto all night too.

Just don’t forget to enjoy some moderation too.


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