At Grouchos Deli you find delicious food, but your arteries will regret it

Now and then, I break my diet and indulge in something greasy (and delicious!), When that happens, Grouchos Deli is my favorite destination. They have the food I am looking for and at an excellent price. To get to Grouchos Deli, just head to 5110 Park Rd # 1g, Charlotte, NC 28209.

The steak and melted cheese sandwiches are a delight and cost less than $ 12! Do not expect gourmet food. Everything that is sold here is harmful to your arteries LOL, except for the salads.

If you're hungry, and in the mood for something salty and greasy, this is the place. And I'm not saying that as a bad thing, Grouchos Deli is a place to eat until you throw up.

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Charlotte, NC

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