Trump's Jaw-Dropping Attack on DeSantis Leaves Supporters Stunned and Speechless

Toni Koraza

Instead of responding with their howls of excitement or roars of laughter, Donald Trump's loyal supporters fell silent when the former president attacked Ron DeSantis from the stage in Texas this Saturday.

Trump bragged to the Waco crowd about how fellow Republican DeSantis approached him "with tears in his eyes" to ask for his endorsement in his 2018 campaign for Florida governor.

"He's at almost nothing in the polls, he's got no cash, and I say to him, I can't give you an endorsement, there's no way you can win," Trump narrated. He also mocked DeSantis saying, "Sir, if you endorse me, I'll win, please. Please, Sir, endorse me."

Trump's criticism of DeSantis's record on social security and healthcare was met with silence from his otherwise hyped-up fans. Trump's fears of DeSantis stealing his spotlights are coming true. Even the hardline Trumpers have a soft spot for the Florida Governor.

Additionally, it was obvious that Trump felt betrayed by his purported former protege when he observed that two years after DeSantis was elected governor of the Sunshine State, "the fake news" asked him if he would run for president, to which he responded, "I have no comment."

Nevertheless, according to recent polling, Trump has every reason to worry too much about his new political enemy. According to a survey released last week by Monmouth University in New Jersey, in December, 26% of Republican voters wanted Trump as their nominee, while 39% preferred DeSantis.

However, during the March 16–20 polling period, Trump's popularity soared to 41% while DeSantis's fell to 27%.

You can attribute the change in polls to the lack of action on DeSantis's side and Trump's zealous pace of campaigning. We're yet to see how the tables may turn when DeSantis launches his campaign.

DeSantis supporters are staying optimistic. Although DeSantis is not expected to launch his presidential bid for at least two more months, his supporters may already set the tone for Republican primaries.

Do you want DeSantis to run for president?

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