The GOP Stands Shocked as MAGA World Urges DeSantis to Save Trump

Toni Koraza

Trump-loving conservatives are now intensifying pressure on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to protect the former President from avoiding a possible indictment in New York.

Without providing any evidence, Trump stated on Saturday that he might be arrested on Tuesday. Following Trump's announcement, far-right conservatives started mounting pressure on DeSantis to help Trump in his defense of the Manhattan district attorney's inquiry. DeSantis, who is anticipated to challenge Trump in Republican primaries, has stayed quiet.

And DeSantis' expected silence has allowed MAGAworld figures to criticize him.

Trump Supporters vs. DeSantis

Longtime Trump adviser Jason Miller criticized DeSantis on Sunday for his lack of response while complimenting former Vice President Mike Pence for denouncing the Manhattan district attorney's inquiry.

Despite not mentioning DeSantis by name, Trump's eldest son Donald Trump Jr. stated that voters would recall the distinction between Republicans who "immediately" stood up for the former president.

Legal experts told Insider's Jacob Shamsian that even if DeSantis wanted to, it's unlikely that he would have any options to prevent Trump's extradition. However, they claimed that the governor might prevent extradition for up to 60 days by requesting a review of the indictment.

Trump stated on Saturday that he plans to surrender on Tuesday, but his defense team is still awaiting word on whether or not he will be charged.

Trump and DeSantis were once allies, but over the past year, he has increasingly attacked the governor personally. He has been calling DeSantis nasty names like "Ron DeSanctimonious" and a "RINO Globalist," among others. He denies calling DeSantis "Meatball Ron" and is sticking with "Ron DeSactimonious" for now.

Would DeSantis see this as an opportunity to clean up in Republican primaries, or would he stand up for Trump?

What if Trump is guilty? The man faced more than 1,300 lawsuits, and it's would be insane to think all of them were just "lies."

Do you want DeSantis to help Trump?

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