The Hottest Cities in Florida: You Won't Believe How Hot It Gets

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Florida is well-known for its warm weather, stunning beaches, and asphalt-peeling temperatures.

You may travel here any time of the year to get your dose of sunshine – making Florida an ideal getaway.

Florida's scorching heat is a favorite destination for Spring Break fun and warm summer vacations! But what are the warmest places in the Sunshine State?

Here are the hottest cities in Florida.

Key West
Year-round average temperature: 77.8 °F

The climate in Key West is usually hot and humid from July through September, with variations in June and October. Key West's pleasant island breeze feels more relaxed than other Florida locations. The Florida Keys is ideal for paddle boarding as the waters around these islands are temperate yearly.

Year-round average temperature: 77.05 °F

Miami experiences a long and sultry summer. Miami Beach is a popular destination for water sports due to the warm waters that complement the hot air temperatures. It is a perfect place for outdoor life because even in winter, the ocean temperature does not drop below 75 ºF.

Fort Myers
Year-round average temperature: 75.1 °F

Fort Myers is the hottest city in Florida, with summer temperatures averaging around 85°F. This city in the southwest enjoys unending warmth and countless days of sunshine. The scorching 103°F mark was the highest temperature ever recorded in Fort Myers. Amazingly, Fort Myers is also susceptible to freezing-cold weather.

Year-round average temperature: 67.6 °F

The climate in Tallahassee is typically subtropical, with mild winters and sweltering, humid summers. Throughout the warmer months, 83 °F serves as the steady average temperature. The hottest months in Tallahassee run from June to August.

Year-round average temperature: 78.1 °F

One of the country's warmest beaches in Jacksonville Beach. The typical American would find the morning temperatures moderate, even during the winter. Since it is warm all year long, Jacksonville is a terrific destination for water sports on the beach, playing a golf game, or visiting the tennis courts.

What is your favorite destination in the Sunshine State?

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