The GOP Shocked as Trump Hurls More Insults at DeSantis

Toni Koraza

Trump's team is trying to deal with DeSantis' growing popularity among Republican voters.

And although Donald Trump still lacks the ideal nickname to use against his newly-baked political rival Ron DeSantis, a recent report claims he has some clever suggestions.

One of the ways Trump reportedly intends to defeat DeSantis is to make fun of him using catchy nicknames. Among the nicknames he and his friends are reportedly working on is "Tiny D."

And it seems like they're planning to launch the Tiny D campaign if DeSantis announces his run.

There are other names besides "Ron DeSanctimonious" and "Meatball Ron," which Trump is said to have recently floated, and then there is more.

"Ron DisHonest" and "Ron DeEstablishment" are two other nicknames that Trump and the company are considering using in the campaigns.

This, of course, continues Trump's longstanding practice of nicknaming his rivals. Some of which are Sleepy Joe, Little Marco, Crooked Hillary, Lyin' Ted, Pocahontas, Low Energy Jeb, Crazy Bernie, and lots of others. The "Tiny D" shot at DeSantis is quite the insult because we all know what it implies.

DeSantis could make it difficult for Trump to win if they face each other in the primaries. The team Trump is aware of this. Bloomberg claims that Trump's team is looking for information about DeSantis and his wife Casey and has already developed an attack strategy, including calling him a "RINO," among other things.

DeSantis has avoided saying Trump's name publicly and has taken the high road. However, if this campaign turns into a fight for the GOP nomination, he may have to default to Trump's level.

Whatever happens, Republican primaries are going to be fun to watch.

What do you think about the standoff between Trump and DeSantis?

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