You Won't Believe What Trump Said About DeSantis Now

Toni Koraza

Most Americans have heard Trump make outrageous claims before.

He now claims his backing helped DeSantis win the election in 2018 when he was a little-known congressman. Trump seems to think he made DeSantis. For DeSantis, this means he now lives rent-free in Donald Trump's mind.

But what is less widely recognized by the public is the subtler undercurrents over the years, such as how DeSantis regularly begged support from other lawmakers early in his career.

Bromance to Frenemies to Nemeses

The relationship between Trump and DeSantis grew stronger over White House visits and presidential trips to Florida.

DeSantis was widely regarded as "mini-Trump." The two worked together on various policies while DeSantis was the governor of Florida and Trump was the president. DeSantis aggressively started building his brand after Trump's colossal defeat.

DeSantis even stood by Trump's side through the disastrous defeat in the previous elections and supported the ex-president's every move.

Now, the student has outgrown the master. And it seems like DeSantis has a good shot at swaying Trump supporters into joining his cause.

DeSantis ran fearlessly on his own record in the 2022 midterm elections, leaving Trump behind.

But Trump was not going away gently. Just a few days before the 2022 midterm elections, the unraveling started. The former president kept reminding voters that his support brought DeSantis into the governor's mansion.

If DeSantis decides to run for office in 2024, he would have to convince people why he should be worthy of support instead of Trump. Just recently, Police had to escort Trump supporters from the DeSantis book-signing event.

It seems like the situation may only escalate from this point onward.

What do you think about the fight between DeSantis and Trump?

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