DeSantis Shocks the Nation by Funding Conservative Police, Reeducation Schools, and Partisan Stunts

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GOP Governor Ron DeSantis proposes a $115 billion budget to finance some of his most polarizing initiatives, including millions of dollars for conservative policy, tax cuts for conservative education, and additional state money to transport migrants from the southern border to blue areas.

Floridians voted conservative, and these policies could be something they truly wanted in the Sunshine State.

Accomplishing the impossible

In addition, DeSantis' budget asks for $15 million for New College, a small public liberal arts college that the governor is attempting to repurpose as a place of conservative education. He also wants to abolish sales taxes on the purchase of gas stoves in reference to the GOP indignation over certain liberal localities' efforts to forbid gas stoves in new construction.

Together, the budget proposal emphasizes conservative themes and priorities that DeSantis frequently use to energize the Republican base in Florida, but with an aim on the party's voters nationwide.

"If we were here four years ago and people said we would be able to propose what we are proposing today, most people probably would have said that would not have been possible," DeSantis said.

"But if you told them everything that happened in the last four years, they definitely would have said it would not have been possible," he added.

The Florida Legislature has the ultimate authority in drafting the state budget, but DeSantis has significant influence over the GOP-controlled Legislature thanks to his rising national profile.

The GOP-controlled Legislature has been giving DeSantis everything he wants.

Any victories on the budget will offer DeSantis more edge if he decides to run for president in 2024, increasing the perception that he can utilize taxpayer money to advance a conservative cause.

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