Regular Mail is Making a Comeback. What Does It Mean for You?

Toni Koraza

Junk mail has moved to our digital inboxes.

And we're becoming excited about checking our physical mailboxes.

Over 56% of senior citizens look forward to checking their mail daily, according to this direct mail report. Almost half of the younger generations feel the same. Most enjoy getting some form of mail nowadays.

And marketers are paying attention because recipients open 91% of received mail.

The resurgence of print mail

This resurgence comes as no surprise to some. But let's try to break it down.

Regular mail offers a personal touch, which is one of the reasons for the resurgence. People enjoy receiving physical mail and often feel more connected to the sender when they receive a letter or card in the mail. This is especially true for special occasions such as birthdays and holidays, where receiving a physical card can deliver a bigger impact than a digital message.

The nostalgia associated with receiving physical mail is also a big factor here. People often have strong memories tied to receiving letters and cards from loved ones, and the personal touch of physical mail is something that digital communication cannot replicate.

Let's not forget the oversaturated digital channels that have pushed us all into a confused state of distraction. Physical mail cuts through all that noise and emotionally impacts the reader. Sending a love letter is much more appreciated than sending a love text. While your loved ones would still like to receive that text message, letters, and postcards would deliver more than pure words.

Additionally, regular mail has been found to be more secure than electronic communication, as it is harder to intercept and read. This is particularly important for sensitive information such as financial and personal details or voting ballots.

Do you enjoy receiving physical mail?

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