Florida Democrats plan to win Latino vote on gun control

Toni Koraza

Florida is proudly Hispanic.

The culture, people, and food create a magnetic pull that makes Florida today. Without its Hispanic heritage, the Sunshine State would be a very different place to live.

“Latinos are here because of the American dream, and it is really hard to do that when you are worried about your kids’ safety,” said Annette Taddeo, a state senator who is challenging a Republican congresswoman, María Elvira Salazar.

The initiative is made during a difficult time for Latinos in Florida. Republican Governor Ron DeSantis has brought immigration issues to national notice after transporting a group of Venezuelans from Texas to Massachusetts’ Martha’s Vineyard as part of a state-funded relocation program for migrants who are in the country illegally.

In 2020, few locations disappointed Democrats as much as South Florida did. Several unexpected defeats in House contests were attributed to a shift among Latinos toward the GOP, which also helped then-President Donald Trump win Florida by more than 3 percentage points.

In an effort to tie the party’s aims to the individual experiences of a population that frequently feels ignored in national politics, Democrats are running their campaigns differently this year.

A genius move or a cruel stunt?

Some praised DeSantis’ efforts, while many Latino Democrats denounced it as a “cruel stunt.”

Sen. Marco Rubio, a Cuban-American and Republican from Florida, expressed concerns that migrants entering the country from Mexico may be criminals liberated by Nicolas Maduro in a commentary in Spanish for a right-wing website, appearing to support DeSantis.

Florida is the scene of some of the deadliest mass shootings in recent memory. Gun violence is a particularly sensitive issue for Latino communities in the United States. Not to say that gun violence is not a problem for everyone, but in this case, Democrats focus on how gun violence affects Latino communities in Florida.

How do you feel about the gun control laws in Florida?

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