Opinion: Should governor Jay Inslee resign? Many Washingtonians say YES

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Jay Inslee hails as the second governor of Washington to win the election for three consecutive terms. Running under the democratic ticket, he has served as Washington’s governor since 16th January 2013. Inslee’s current tenure will end on 13th January 2025.

Why is Jay Robert Inslee controversial?

Besides breaking the record, Inslee has been in the public eye following his rule that all state employees must be vaccinated for Covid-19 or receive their pink letters. True to his word, numerous employees were fired.

To many people, this move is seen as the state's misguided approach to public health, with many citing staffing shortages and consequent reductions in service. For months, businesses have been forced to close their doors, putting thousands of people out of work. The situation wasn’t helped by the firing of law enforcement officials and workers at the Department of Corrections, which saw public safety fall into jeopardy.

The people of Washington felt it was time for the state to start listening to the experts and take a more reasoned approach to address the pandemic. This is the only way the state can minimize the damage that has already been done and prevent further harm in the future.

In the previous presidential elections, Inslee also rose to controversy after he announced his support for a bill criminalizing certain types of political speech. The bill, if passed, would make lying about election results by an elected official or political candidate illegal. This announcement has sparked controversy, with some arguing that the bill would infringe on freedom of speech and others defending it as necessary to safeguard democracy.

Why do Washingtonians want the governor to resign?

Washingtonians have demanded the resignation of Governor Jay Inslee due to his lack of leadership. This includes his misuse of state-granted powers and his use of the COVID-19 pandemic to divide the state through fear and hatred.

Senator Doug Ericksen stated that this mass-termination event was the final straw and that Washington State has never seen such a failure of leadership. Ericksen added that the governor took advantage of COVID 19 emergency powers to establish an autocratic rule. The governor’s actions also included refusing to call the Legislature into special sessions and effectively shutting out the public.

Do you want Jay Inslee to resign?

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