Opinion: Should Governor Greg Abbott Resign? Many Texans Say YES

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Across the state and the nation, Greg Abbott has been criticized more brutally than any Texas governor in recent history.

Although the recent poll shows he's leading by 49.5% compared to O'Rourke's 39.9%, many see him as an embarrassment and a threat. For the first time in his career, almost half of Texans want to see Gov. Abbott out of office.

He's been governing Texas through some of its worst nightmares. Poor management and extreme weather wreaked havoc through one of the hottest states in America. Then, he shifted the blame to Democrats and green energy. But it worked. His supporters grew even closer to Abbott's opinions and policies.

Even though Abbott's close supporters have been unphased through this entire ordeal. The mounting disapproval has topped the approval rate, according to the University of Texas.

So, should he finally resign?

Why is the Governor Controversial?

Abbott has encountered various state problems and issues over his two administrations. Since his election in 2015, there have been six significant mass shootings in Texas, resulting in the death of over 200 Texans. The most recent shooting was at the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde County. Despite this, Governor Greg Abbott isn't tightening gun laws.

Furthermore, Abbott was the first US governor to hold a no-exception viewpoint towards abortion before Supreme Court recently adopted it. He sparked controversy by labeling gender-affirming care for transgender adolescents child abuse.

Why do Texans Want the Governor to Resign?

Abbott does not care about people's health. Last year, his slow reactions to the pandemic and the state's power system crisis claimed lives.

Instead, Abbott is a political opportunist who is essential, if not only concerned, with his political future. His actions at the border and attempts to make literature in classrooms a contentious topic demonstrates that he prioritizes politics over all else.

Abbott is a hypocrite because he makes claims and enacts policies that counter what he has said or does. He is a weak and incompetent governor whose behavior is motivated by fear instead of boldness and conviction as he attempts to avoid alienating Trump and Trump's followers. Recently, he falsely blamed Biden for the border issue, whereas Trump adopted most of the existing border policies.

How do you feel about governor Greg Abbott?

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