Opinion: Should President Biden resign? Many Texans Say YES

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After a very polarized and contentious election, Joe Biden became America’s 47th president in 2021. The worrying fact is that less than half the country believes he is doing a decent job. While most seem to believe he is doing a horrible job and should resign.

  • Only 38% of Americans approve of how Biden handles his job as President.
  • Almost half of the Americans disapprove of Biden’s performance

Some might say that the president inherited one of the most challenging economic and political playing fields in recent history. So, he's forced to make tough and often unpopular decisions.

However, Many Texans believe he should step down regardless.

Why is the President controversial?

Many Americans believe he makes questionable and oftentimes bizarre decisions and statements regarding various issues.

  1. Many believe he has serious mental and/or health issues.
  2. Many believe the enormous spending by the administration flooded the economy with trillion of dollars.
  3. His policies are responsible for skyrocketing gas prices, such as the refusal to open pipelines in the country or in neighboring countries, which continue America’s reliance on foreign oil.

Why do Texans want the President to resign?

Many Texans disagree with how he handles issues like the economy, climate control, oil pipeline, and the ever-present border.

Let’s start with the economy. Like most states, Texas feels the negative effect of inflation, and rising fuel and food costs, which cause people to cut down on things like eating out, clothes, and leisure activities. This directly affects the economy.

Texas is the top producer of crude oil and natural gas. President Biden’s executive orders and international agreements regarding climate control will restrict oil and natural gas.

The Biden administration’s refusal to open up key pipelines restricts Texas’s economy.

Many Texans believe the Biden administration’s lax and unrestrictive policies have increased the flow of illegal immigration at their borders.

Are you worried about Biden staying in power?

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