Opinion: Should governor Gavin Newsom resign? Many Californians say YES

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Gavin Christopher Newsom has been running California through some of the most challenging times for the Golden State. From Covid lockdowns to Supply Chain holdups, many are left dissatisfied with the governor's leadership.

While some polls are in favor of the governor, most Californians want more. So, should he resign?

Resignation from the gubernatorial office in California is not a new thing. The state has witnessed five governor resignations, the most recent being 2017's Robert J. Bentley. But would Newsom follow the same path? Let's break it down.

Why Is the Governor Newsom Controversial?

Gavin Newsom has been labeled as a hypocrite. During the wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, he gave orders to shut down enterprises. However, he still attended lavish dinners with none of the measures he imposed on others. Newson continued to enjoy his life as usual while restricting 'regular' citizens from remaining at home and becoming bankrupt.

Furthermore, Newson acknowledged being in a relationship with a secretary who was his buddy's wife and campaign manager when he served as the San Francisco mayor, which did not settle well with most Californians.

Why do Californians want the governor to resign?

Newsom has not led any initiatives to establish a statewide program that uses desalination to hedge against intensifying droughts. Furthermore, he hasn't directed the building of two reservoirs that voters authorized in 2014.

Californians are frustrated by Newsom's hypocrisy. He denied children across the state the opportunity to attend school for over a year to appease the teacher's union while his kids attended school. At the same time, crime rates, homelessness, joblessness, and brownouts have increased.

Earlier this year, Newson faced criticism for the delayed administration of the COVID vaccines. Also, California lost a delegate to the House of Representatives because of population loss. Worse still, Newson passed a bill to offer Medi-Cal funds from tax-paying citizens to undocumented immigrants.

Do you want Gavin Newsom to stay in power?

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