Opinion: Should governor Brian Kemp resign? Many Georgians say YES

Toni Koraza

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Brian Kemp is Georgia’s Republican governor.

He strives for economic growth, reforming state government, strengthening rural communities, lowering healthcare costs, and protecting families from violence. He is most known for keeping the unemployment rate in Georgia at an all-time low and creating jobs.

Businesses are thriving under his supervision and political leadership. He’s passionate about reducing human trafficking and is strict on violence and gang activity across the great peach state of Georgia.

Recently, Gov. Kemp has rushed to implement some of the harshest abortion laws in America. Some call it extreme, while others support his actions. He's also fighting to completely condemn and eliminate the practice of abortion from the Georgian healthcare system.

However, some of his measures are being questioned by many Georgians.

Why is governor Kemp controversial?

Governor Brian Kemp signed a few controversial education bills that will dramatically change education and learning for students. These education bills restrict classroom discussions on racism, making it harder for educators to teach about race and racism in the classroom. He believes these measures increase the autonomy and choice of parents to shape and teach their children.

Kemp also encourages and supports the Protect Students First Act, which allows an athletic oversight committee the authority to exclude transgender youth from playing sports.

Governor is everything but passionate about the freedom of speech, especially when that freedom trickles down into classrooms and seeks to find the truth.

Why do Georgians want the governor to resign?

His election bill is arguably his most divisive move, as many view it as explicitly targeting people of color. This controversial legislation requires more identification on the absentee ballot, limits ballot drop boxes, and prohibits offering food and water to those in line to vote.

Gov. Kemp is very conservative in his views, which is reflected in his leadership. However, many constituents find his policies and actions in Georgia too extreme and want him to resign.

How do you feel about governor Kemp staying in power?

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