Opinion: Almost Nobody Supports President Biden. Now What?

Toni Koraza

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After 18 months of running the United States, President Joe Biden is facing the most troubling times of his long political career.

He has set the new low and moved the unpopularity bar for all future presidents. Only 38% of Americans support the president. For the first time in history, the polls might not mean much.

Should president Biden step down due to horrific poll numbers?

America never had a more unpopular president in recorded history. We're sailing into uncharted territory. Between national gaffes and international blunders, Joe Biden still hopes to turn this ship around.

After all, he's been at the helm of the largest financial crisis in our history during the Great Recession. That ship sailed through the storms into the exciting waters of the longest economic boom in recorded history.

Can Biden do it again? If you look at the political process, these poll numbers could be part of the president's plan. American presidents have roughly two years to make unpopular decisions that will benefit the United States in the long run. Otherwise, the president has to start campaigning and pleasing the masses, which often is a self-serving job and produces minimal benefit for the entire country.

Betting the presidency on jobs

If the Oval Office were the Las Vegas casino, then Donald Trump would throw all his chips on the Stock Market. He'd grease up the table and tuck an extra Benjamin in the croupier's tux for good luck. And he'd win every time, despite the physics or laws. The rest of the table would fall into the abyss. The stock market would get all the attention.

If Biden entered the same casino, he'd knuckle roll a few chips and then go all in on the jobs. Similar to Trump, he'd make sure that jobs win every time. He'd bet his entire future on this little thing called jobs. As a matter of fact, the pill landed on jobs so many consecutive times that the whole casino might go bankrupt.

But will it work?

Can jobs save the American economy?

If Americans have jobs, then they'll have the income to spend, no matter the inflation or other economic realities. Maybe not everyone can live their best lives, but they'll have a manageable crisis at their hands.

American problems are evident thought the world, so Biden is not the man who created the economic woes. But, he'll become the scapegoat or hero. We're yet to see.

Should the president step down following tragic polls? - DOUBLE Heading

Biden's unpopularity is something new. Almost all American presidents enjoyed a decent level of public support. Only one president stepped down from his duty in America's entire history. That was Richard Nixon, and his approval rating was almost double that of Joe Biden's.

Richard M. Nixon stepped down with a 61% approval rating, according to FiveThirtyEight.

Biden is still going strong, with an approval rating of 38% and a disapproval rating of 56.4%.

Turning tables for Joe Biden

If Biden survives 2022, and somehow the economy continues to perform strongly, he might just turn the tide on all his political problems.

  • Gas prices are trending down
  • The pandemic is under control
  • Russia is losing momentum in Ukraine
  • And inflation has become the top problem

Are you worried about the future of the United States?

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