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"Climate change problems are real,” says Republican Mayor Francis Suarez

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“We deal with it day in, day out, year after year.,” said Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, after confirming that climate change problems are "not theoretical" but real.

Francis Suarez is the Republican Mayor of Miami who has brought the most significant economic progress the city has seen in recent history. He singlehandedly made Miami the capital of all things crypto and brought numerous foreign investments and behemoth companies. Suarez brought magic back to Magic City.

So, why is he breaking Republican rank to talk about climate change?

Climate Change is Not Theoretical, says Republican Mayor Francis Suarez

No honor amongst the drowned. It's hard to deny a force that's flooding the streets and destroying family homes.

Miami is the epicenter of climate change, counting more H1, H2, H3, H4, and H5 storms than any other place in the United States. The area trailing from Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, and all the way south to the last Florida Key, is known as the largest Hurricane hotspot in America.

Over 738k Family Homes are at risk of environmental damage in Miami, according to CoreLogic report. Rebuilding those homes would set Miamians back some $149 billion before even thinking about the infrastructure damages and other losses.

The plan to combat climate change in Miami

Miami plans to spend $3.8 billion to fortify the city from the devastating effects of climate change. These include rising sea levels and all sorts of extreme weather events, like hurricanes, floods, and thunderstorms.

This money is almost 4x Miami's annual operating budget. But it sounds like a pocket change when you think about the alternative. Parts of South Florida could be flooded underwater during our lifetime.

Climate change is not a problem for the upcoming generations. If you live in any of the coastal Miami neighborhoods, you're already dealing with the problem.

Miami needs bipartisan solutions

Why do Floridians still debate climate change?

Climate change has only been a matter of political belief in a handful of places on the planet. In Florida, believing in climate change is a matter of political affiliation. Folks who don't understand the magnitude or the realities of climate problems subscribe to one of two camps - Republicans or Democrats. And if you're a Florida Republican, climate change problems are just a Democratic pipe dream.

Florida was infamous for its prohibition of climate-change language. Until recently, Florida officials risked breaking the law by uttering the words "climate change" in public. As ridiculous as it sounds, the language ban is part of Florida's climate history.

However, the climate change repercussions have become all too obvious for South Florida officials to ignore their magnitude.

Are you worried about climate change in South Florida?

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