Opinion: Florida to purge corporate activism, says Gov. DeSantis

Toni Koraza

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American politics have become a meme. Trump is a meme. Biden is a meme. DeSantis is desperately trying to become one.

Memes get juicy attention. And attention is what politicians need to win elections and unlock the gates of power. So, we can't say whether they're torching the mental health candle of everyday Americans for a morally justified cause or just because they'll get a PR boost.

So, when DeSantis says something, we take it with a barrel of salt. And we still have to do our due diligence to see if his statements carry any repercussions.

Florida Republicans are coming after woke corporations

Fiscally libertarian and God-abiding Republican leaders are coming after one thing they worship above everything else - the American corporation. Simultaneously they're also coming after their most hated part of the constitution - the first amendment, or freedom of speech.

Gov. Ronald DeSpubliclypublically stated that he's fed up with Florida corporations having different opinions than his own. So, the only thing a good leader should do is waste taxpayers' money to come after the largest employer in Florida. Yes, Walt Disney World employs more people than Florida's public schooling system or any other public institution.

So, let's get this straight. Gov. DeSantis would rather pick a personal battle and spend money trying to strangle a top Florida employer than do something for the benefit of his constituents?

He'll come after your textbooks and control what you can say about gender rather than face the troubling economy and bring more opportunity to Florida? Instead, he's got a personal stake in this game. Gov. DeSantis cares about staying in power above everything else, judging from his actions.

Quick recap of DeSantis war on Disney

  1. The Florida government passed House Bill 1557 in April. This bill is also known as the Parental Rights in Education Act, or more popularly, the “Don’t Say Gay” bill.
  2. Disney CEO Bob Chapek publically said the company dislikes the law. He initially refused to comment on the Bill in question but changed his mind following the outcry of his employees.
  3. DeSantis urged the government to pass the second law, publishing Disney for disliking the first law.
  4. Florida might need to pay Disney a billion dollars and stands to lose tens of thousands of jobs.

The war on woke indoctrination

Governor DeSantis has displayed similar behavior in the past. He publically attacked Twitter this April, threatening legal action against the social media behemoth. This is not the first time he has been
sparring with social media companies.

In another incident, companies Honeyfund and Collective Concepts sued Gov. DeSantis over censorship of their speech on race and gender. Again, his problems with The First Amendment are clear. Gov. DeSantis seems to be focusing on squashing the exercise of free speech. Again, this fight is in the purview, and everything else seems to be taking the back seat.

As a final result, Gov. DeSantis signed legislation to "protect Floridians from discrimination and woke indoctrination."

Tampa Bay Rays were the next victim of DeSantis's purge. Their stance on gun safety displeased DeSantis, and he moved swiftly to cut off their funding.

DeSantis is one of the most popular Governors in the United States

Culture wars between the left and right seem to be the new reality of Florida politics.

Voters seem to care more about ideological warfare than climate change, economy, or just about anything tangible. And DeSantis is keeping an ear out for some of his most extreme supporters. These people usually vote, and DeSantis goes the extra mile to satisfy these voices.

How do you feel about the political future of Florida?

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