Opinion: Gov. DeSantis is fighting against common sense

Toni Koraza

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What comes to mind first when you think of communism? Let me guess.

  • Strong government
  • Limited social rights
  • Thought control
  • Zero public discourse
  • Government-controlled business

Most Floridians would cringe hearing the C word, even when it promises free healthcare and lifesaving medicine.

Then, the most intriguing thing happens. Gov. DeSantis rallies to create his own-powerful Florida government that'll tell you exactly what your kids can learn at school. He'll ban books. He'll go after private businesses that dare to disagree with his opinions. And he'll take land given to corporations to create Florida-run businesses.

And God-abiding, America-loving Floridians cheer their chins up. They're one of the good guys now.

Let's zoom out.

Let's zoom out, turn back time and spin the globe for a second.

The richest man in China is just about to give a speech during Bund Summit in Shanghai. He comes out on stage as one of the most anticipated speakers. Jack is supposed to present the largest IPO in modern history. His shoulders are down, and he's everything but excited. Then, he utters the unthinkable.

He says the banking world is the old people's club and calls for progress, adding that we need more innovation instead of more regulation.

The audience gasps and the TVs across the country cut to different reports.

Jack Ma did the unthinkable. He publically criticized the government. Soon after, Jack Ma disappears. Once the richest man in the Eastern hemisphere has vanished without a trace. His company, Alibaba, is put on a tight leash by the government and heavily hammered until the stock price dropped by 300%.

Jack Ma resurfaces months later, signing the government's tune.

DeSantis is building his private China

What's the difference between the Florida government and the Chinese government?

Simple. Florida's government doesn't have nearly the same amount of power as the Chinese government does. What's the difference in intent?

Both DeSantis and the Chinese government can't take criticism well. Florida governor has pledged the taxpayer's resources to go after a corporation that dared to say something against him in public. He decided to economically and morally endanger his state in pursuit of someone badmouthing him in public.

This is pretty extreme, don't you think?

Are you worried about Florida's future?

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