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Florida is a unique story in and of itself.

Unique characters? Check. Raging politics? Check. Booming economy? Check.

When it comes to imports and exports, the Sunshine State also delivers. So let's take a closer look into Florida's top exports and imports because it's quite a story.

What do salmon and nucleic acid have in common?

Salmon is a rich source of nucleic acid, but this is not the link we're looking for in this story. I assume you know what salmon is, so let's quickly explain nucleic acid using the formal definition.

Nucleic acids are naturally occurring chemical compounds that serve as the primary information-carrying molecules in cells. They play an especially important role in directing protein synthesis. The two main classes of nucleic acids are deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and ribonucleic acid (RNA) - Per encyclopedia Britannica.

Nucleic acid carries genetic information that's in all of us. You've probably heard about DNA and RNA before. During COVID, many tried to explain the shortcomings of the vaccine using one of these biological terms. While DNA carries the blueprint of the way human life functions, RNA is the messenger that communicates DNA's vision to the rest of the body.

What brings salmon and nucleic acid together in this story? They're two of Florida's top imports.

Salmon is the most unique import, according to OnDeck. And nucleic acid is the top Florida import, according to Census Bureau.

However, why is Florida crazy about this type of genetic information?

The import of nucleic acid shot up by 255% in 2020 compared to the previous year. Florida imported some $3.6 billion of Nucleic Acids & Saand lts, Heterocyclic Compounds. Almost the entirety of this import came from Ireland, which surprisingly became one of Florida's largest trading partners in recent years.

But why exactly is Florida importing so much genetic material?

We can only speculate because the companies and suppliers associated with this import want to stay private. So, information about why who, and to what end is buying this much nucleic acid is suppressed and censored.

Here's the snippet from the Enterprise Florida Report mentioning information suppression around the imports of nucleic acid.

Imports from Ireland experienced an unexpected surge in Florida. Averaging imports of $279.9 million in the last decade, Ireland saw an annual total of nearly $4.1 billion of imports make their way to Florida. Most of these imports consisted of Nucleic Acids & Salts, Heterocyclic Compounds, or less technically, chemicals and compounds used to make pharmaceutical and medicament products. Considering the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak, it leads one to believe that Florida may have served as a gateway for many of the medical treatments/preparations needed for the American healthcare system; having arrived through Florida and made their ways to Americans in need of treatment. *Due to data suppression, specific information regarding companies or suppliers for instances like this are not available.*

The above excerpt is located on page eight of the said report. Maybe Florida is just the gateway to pharmaceutical America. Nucleic acid is the key ingredient for making vaccines and other medical products.

But why don't they want you to know why so much nucleic acid is coming to Florida?

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