Opinion: Is Florida falling apart or does it just feel that way?

Toni Koraza

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Floridians are losing hope in the Sunshine State and America at large.

The rent prices are soaring. Food prices are aggressively following suit. Scammers are messing with your favorite restaurant. Gov. DeSantis is tussling with Disney. And that sea level is rising faster than we expected.

Is Florida still in one piece, many wonders?

Tough question.

The massive body of limestone is barely keeping its beak above the sea. And everything on the surface seems like it's going nowhere else but the drains.

Welcome to Florida 2022. The state where the sun shines a tiny bit too hot. And everyone seems to be one snappy move away from completely falling off the rails.

If this is your feeling about Florida, then we have some good news.

The Sunshine State is just fine

Florida has been one of the most attractive states for successful professionals in the past couple of years. The warm weather and pro-business climate have pulled some of the highest earners to stick around a bit longer than a standard rollercoaster ride. Florida's economy thrives, adding more and more jobs each month.

So why does it feel like everything is falling apart?

Blame it on the media. Blame it on the pessimist and human nature. Blame it on the wind.

Most Floridians feel like they live in the middle of a meltdown state. However, the sunny south has only improved in recent decades. Take any measure of today and compare it to any time in recent history.

You'll see that we're less hungry. We have more jobs. We have more money. We have more opportunities. We live longer, and we can connect with more people than ever before.

But to be fair, the recession is looming, and the next crisis is upon us. Even if we do face hardships ahead, that doesn't mean that the entire state of Florida is falling apart.

Are you worried that Florida is falling apart?

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