Opinion: Colorado to face soaring food prices in August

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Colorado is one of the states where food insecurity skyrocketed during the COVID pandemic and hasn't cooled off ever since. The inflation took hold shortly after the pandemic, which means that the prices kept on soaring.

Just recently, the new consumer price index increased 9.1% from last June, marking a 41-year high in inflation.

As a result, some Coloradans are struggling to put food on the table, while others worry about their day-to-day finances in general. Studies show that the food insecurity rate jumped to 33% in 2022.

This means one in three people in Colorado must cope with food insecurity on some level. Let's explore this story in more detail.

Food Insecurity in Colorado

One-third of the state of Colorado has become food insecure, mainly due to COVID-19. A disproportionate number of these people are from minority communities. The economic changes have shocked the people of Colorado, especially since a large percentage of income comes from tourism, and people were severely limiting travel during the lockdown.

The floundering economy also affects the food banks and nonprofits trying to provide food to struggling people. Some food markets where people could get groceries for free are closing; this is due to rents and operation costs increasing while funding decreases. On top of this, global agriculture is also seeing production issues.

Food prices have been changing in Colorado

Inflation has hit the highest rate it has in forty years. In addition, 2020 through 2022 saw back-to-back double-digit price increases. As a result, the cost of eating at home has increased, and the cost of eating out has also increased, painting a bleak outlook for many of those already facing food insecurity.

We can only hope that the projected outlook for 2023 will see prices leveling out is the truth.

Are you worried about the rising food prices?

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