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Opinion: the most dangerous Miami neighborhood in 2022

Toni Koraza
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Magic City is a place of dreams.

Unfortunately, one of the most popular cities in the States is everything but a safe haven. Violence and crime have been rampant throughout the years. And newcomers are hardly finding their way to avoid trouble.

But before we talk about the dark side, let's mention a few nice things about this Florida jewel.

Miami has many positives. The city offers an exceptional living experience through its eccentric characters, beautiful strips, and warm weather. Its pristine beaches will make you want to stay in the sun forever. The high-end streets breathe luxury that you can hardly find anywhere else. And everyone is already familiar with the immensely fun Miami nightlife.

However, with all that glam comes the dark side. While the sun shines bright in Miami, you'll easily miss the rainbow.

The most dangerous neighborhood in the Magic City

If you're from Miami, then you've probably know all about the dangers of visiting Overtown, Opa-Locka, Downtown, Wynwood, or Model City.

These are some of the least safe places in the entire city and the country at large. FBI deals with almost 3x times more crime reports in these areas than in the rest of Miami.

However, one neighborhood takes the lead when it comes to reported crime.

The dark side of Overtown

Overtown has a formidable and long history as one of the oldest Miami neighborhoods. While being historically important and close to downtown, Overtown is plagued with an extremely high level of violence and crime.

  • Population: 9,640
  • Violent Crime: 1,894
  • Property Crime: 11,159
  • Total Reported Crime: 13,053
  • Crime rate: 145% above national average

Casually strolling Overtown is not the greatest idea if you're not a local. However, many neighborhoods have been through a healthy process of creating opportunities and decreasing crime rates. So maybe one day soon, we'll walk down a clean and welcoming Overtown.

Are you worried about the crime in Overtown?

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