Indiana to Face Prolonged Food Shortages

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An increasing number of Americans are facing food insecurity across the United States.

Federal and State governments and private nonprofit groups are making extensive efforts to combat this. Still, there are people whose next meal source is unknown, and food insecurity is due to different circumstances.

Indiana is sadly on this list as one of the states facing the risk of running empty on its food supplies.

The existing food problems in Indiana

Like every other State, Indiana has residents facing food problems every day. 888,000 people are dealing with some food insecurity in the State, according to IndyHunger. For some, it is a temporary situation; for others, it is chronic, usually for those below the poverty line. And it could get much worse in the upcoming months.

With the rising cost of living, the gap between being able to eat adequately and not is growing, as it is everywhere. Still, like the rest of the nation, 13% of Indiana residents face food insecurity, and 31.53% are children. And now, agriculture is affected by the war in Ukraine and the aftereffects of the pandemic.

Food prices have risen lately

Food prices rose steadily over the last five years. In the last year alone, the cost of food rose about 10%, meaning eating at home is more expensive than ever. The price of eating outside the home has increased even more.

More and more people have to re-evaluate their finances to accommodate the changes in food costs. So, like most places in the US, Indiana faces rising housing costs, inflation, and skyrocketing food prices. All these factors could impact access to food, leading millions of Americans to wonder where they will get their next meal.

With each price hike, more and more people fall below the poverty line. This is creating another unusual phenomenon were residents of Indiana have to choose between buying basic necessities and everything else.

Are you worried about food security in Indiana?

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