Utah to face upcoming food shortages

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The last few years have left many states struggling to provide essential commodities.

Food shortages have been present in every state following the Covid 19 pandemic. The reasons for this are numerous, from inflation to supply bottlenecks to shifting consumer demands. Today, grocery shops are struggling to meet the demand from their customers. As a result, prices have been soaring out of control, leaving many mouths without food.

Food shortages in Utah

Numerous sources have reported a drop in food security and expressed urgency in our electorate to do something about the crisis. Food inefficiency mappers have claimed proof that food inefficiency in the state may be as high as 4%. This information comes from the Food Research and Action Center.

The Utah Food Bank reports that food donations had dropped during the summer. This shortage might be because people are more reluctant to donate food. Feeding America also found that 1 out of 8 children will go hungry in Utah.

Food prices rose in the last five years

In addition to the lack of food compared to previous years, it is common knowledge that the price of goods and services is rising. Companies are charging more for their products. This price hike has not stopped at the produce market.

What is happening in the state is intolerable. Community organizations must provide long-term assistance wherever possible. If you’re upset at these statistics, consider just how expensive food is getting.

The USDA reports that the price of food items in April 2022 has risen nearly 10%. Meats, fish, poultry, and similar goods have faced the most extreme change. The price of meat products rose 14% from April 2021 to this year’s results. Since 2017, the CPI for food items has skyrocketed by more than 11%.

Products like baby formula have also taken a hike in pricing. Consumers are finding themselves frustrated with the situation, especially families. Considering how much the average family spends and that children’s items are inflating in price, families are among the most vulnerable.

Are you worried about the upcoming food shortages?

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