Opinion: Joe Biden is the most unpopular president in history

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The American public witnessed a verbal duel between two least likable frontrunners in its modern history. Donald Trump was shattering records in unpopularity. Yet, Joe Biden somehow managed to beat Trump in his own game.

Between bicycle fiascos and speech fiascos, Joe Biden blunders better

President Joe Biden is officially the most unlikable and least likable president in recorded history at this point of the president's time in office. I know what you’re thinking. Let me explain.

Least likable: Joe Biden is “enjoying” an approval rating of 38.9%. At this time in office, Donald Trump held a much stronger 41.8% approval rating. Both men have nothing to brag about, as these numbers are devastating.

Most unlikable: Joe Biden currently runs a 56.3% disapproval rating. Donald Trump came in considerably lower, boasting a disapproval rating of “only” 52.8%.

If politics are a popularity game, we’re playing the wrong board.

How unpopular is Joe Biden in Florida?

TL;DR: Very unpopular. Record-breakingly unpopular.

Florida has overwhelmingly voted for Trump in the 2020 elections and prided itself on being a Republican stronghold. So, Joe Biden had a poor chance of ever winning here. If this were a Baseball match, Trump would start on the third base. And Joe Biden wouldn’t even see the stadium.

And somehow, women dislike Biden much more than men, according to Reuters. Go figure.

Joe Biden fully acknowledges the situation, trying to crack a few jokes like that uninvited kid nobody likes at your birthday party.

“There’s an old expression in a little town in Delaware called Claymont, Del, a little steel town. And they say, ‘We’re like poor relatives. We show up when we’re invited, and we stay longer than we should.’ So be careful. We may not go back,” Biden joked before misaddressing the King of Spain as President.

Back in Florida, at the time and now, Joe Biden’s popularity has plummeted to low lows. The price of gas soared, followed by food shortages, record-breaking inflation, and a supply chain that still doesn’t work. Can it get worse for Joe Biden in Florida? Probably. But only time will tell.

What polls did we use to write this story?

Short answer: all of them, thanks to FiveThirtyEight and Reuters.

Are you worried that President Biden might run for reelection?

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