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What will Tampa look like if glaciers continue melting? Here's your answer

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Around the world, rising sea levels pose concerns to coastal areas.

With the Earth's climate rising each year, there's the risk of more glaciers melting into the ocean and flooding coastal areas. In the past 100 years, sea levels have risen three inches worldwide. Scientists believe this will soon accelerate beyond our control.

While this doesn't seem like a lot, for coastal areas already at sea level, this isn't a good sign for the future when sea levels continue to rise.

Tampa's average elevation is around 49 feet, with some areas being exposed to a much greater risk of sudden floods and structural property damage. Areas like Tampa Bay, McKay Bay, Tampa Bypass Canal, and The Hillsborough River are much more sensitive to changes in the sea level compared to other parts of Tampa.

What melting glaciers really mean for Tampa

Tampa is a major city on Florida's Gulf Coast, with a maximum elevation of 48 feet above sea level. The Thwaites Glacier, also called the Doomsday Glacier, is the most expansive glacier on Earth, and if it fully melts, it holds enough water to raise the ocean's water levels by ten feet.

If the Thwaites Glacier were to melt into the ocean completely, this means trouble for Tampa and the rest of the world's coastal areas. The good news is that while Tampa has a significant amount of coastline, most of the city inland won't experience any significant issues.

Certain coastal areas like Davis Island and Harbor Island will see significant flooding, and many people may lose their homes. Macdill Air Force Base will see a drastic amount of flooding compared to other city areas, with much of the infrastructure lost.

Tampa would also see parts of one of their three major bridges, the Courtney Campbell Causeway, filled with water, making it difficult and impossible to cross.

Are you worried about rising sea levels?

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