What will Georgia look like if a massive glacier melts? Here’s your answer

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Georgia has roughly 2,344 miles of coastline when considering all the barrier islands, outer islands, rivers, and other waterways.

The elevation changes depending on where you are in coastal Georgia. Savannah, a famous city, is about 49 feet above sea level, while Tybee island’s maximum elevation is only ten feet.

With sea levels rising at an alarming rate of 0.14 inches each year, this means trouble for the coastal areas of this southern state, but not so much for the rest of Georgia.

Georgia’s coastline will look different

While sea levels rising doesn’t mean too much for the inland areas of Georgia, the coastline will look drastically different. If the Thwaites Glacier, or Doomsday Glacier, were to melt into the ocean, the world would see sea levels rise over two feet.

Like a domino effect, if the Thwaites glacier were to melt, the rest of the Western Antarctic ice sheet could collapse into the ocean. This would cause sea levels to rise to more than ten feet. But, what does this mean for Georgia?

Little Tybee Island would be completely underwater, and while Tybee Island would still have some areas above sea level, there would be no way to get there by car anymore. Dutch Island, Wilmington Island, and other smaller coastal islands would never look the same.

Parts of the Wilmington River would flood and cause water to flow into the streets of Savannah. There would be areas of Savannah that would be spared, but the city would never be the same.

The map above can help you see the severity of a slight sea-level change. You can adjust the map to display both feet and meters. If you switch to meters, you can effectively see the outcome of the sea rising to 30m above the current level, or roughly 100 feet higher than today.

Are you worried about the rising sea level?

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