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What will North Carolina look like if all glaciers melt? Here's your answer

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Whether it's the wild ponies of the Outer Banks or the history lessons of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina attracts people from around the world to discover and enjoy its beautiful coastline.

What if all of that went away because of glacial ice melting?

Let's explore this possible future for a second.

The ocean rising a half an inch every year may not seem extraordinary, but time and the sea will drown places like the ones listed below.

  • Ocracoke
  • Wilmington
  • Ocean Isle Beach
  • Oak Island
  • Sunset Beach

Glaciers and floods

The Thwaites Glacier- the longest glacier in the world- threatens to sink coastal areas by several feet. This glacier contributes to the sea level rising by 4%.

Glaciers like the one mentioned above are losing more ice than they are receiving snow; this contributes to worldwide flooding. Let's look specifically at places along North Carolina's coast so you can grasp a better understanding of how damaging floods are.

The climate specialists predict that 58,113 homes in places like Kitty Hawk could be at risk of flooding up to 4 ft of water.

You will find that neighborhoods along North Croatan Highway will need to relocate and find new homes. Some of these people have lived there their whole lives.

What could happen with the sea levels in our lifetime?

It's hard to imagine far into the future to someone else's lifetime, let alone our own lifetime. Sadly, rising sea levels could become an existential problem for many living close to the sea in North Carolina.

Experts predict that generations after us will experience the most flooding, and we may witness one of the biggest flooding periods by 2050. For Example, The Outer Banks has a 41% chance of flooding 4 ft by 2050.

Four feet is enough to destroy businesses, homes, and even historic sites like Kitty Hawk.

Are you worried about the rising sea level?

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