South Carolina to face extended food shortages

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As supply chains continue to struggle, inflation continues to soar, and environmental issues disrupt farming, many places in America face the possibility of food shortages soon.

States like South Carolina may soon grapple with this devil. Food shortages are valid concerns for many, paired with food insecurity and other social obstacles to a normal life.

Unfortunately, South Carolina already has a large amount of food insecurity among low-income families. But as food deliveries become harder to make, they may see many empty shelves in grocery stores soon, causing even more issues surrounding hunger.

The food shortages in South Carolina

More than 555,000 South Carolina residents are hungry, and more than 115,000 of those residents are children. That is one in nine people and one in seven children, showing just how severe a food shortage due to supply issues could worsen the situation in this southern state.

Many children get their only daily meal from their school. However, as suppliers struggle to make deliveries, even schools are having trouble feeding children during the school day.

Food prices increased in the recent years

Inflation rates have reached historically high levels, and South Carolina is no exception. Food prices in America have increased almost 10% in the last year, and this rate is only rising.

Between March 2022 and April 2022, food prices increased by 1%. If this trend continues, the entire country and South Carolina families will struggle to eat.

South Carolina food prices steadily increase with inflation and worsen as suppliers charge more for deliveries due to a lack of resources and employees.

South Carolina may see continuous food shortages

South Carolina has a healthy supply of corn, cotton, soybeans, peanuts, tobacco, and wheat grown in the state. But the state may experience shortages of meat and essential fruits and vegetables, worsening food insecurity.

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