Maine to face prolonged food shortages

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Can you imagine an entire state facing food shortages in this day and age?

Food shortages have been happening across the nation due to inflation, pent-up demand, and supply chain challenges. Maine is no stranger to food insecurity and similar issues.

Food insecurity and increased pricing is causing food shortages in many Maine homes.

The food problems In Maine

Most states have been seeing a rise in inflation, affecting food pricing. Maine is no exception to this experience. Typically speaking, food costs equate to what people in the area can afford. If the food costs are higher, the average family income is also higher. In Maine, this is not the case.

Looking at family income in Maine and food pricing, food prices are increasing, but the average family income is not. Currently, in Maine, approximately 13% of residents rely on SNAP benefits from the government. This reliance is leading to widespread food insecurity within the state.

Food prices jumped in the recent years

The cost of food in Maine has been increasingly going up each week. These increases are causing food insecurity throughout the state as wages aren’t rising with the price of food. Some locations have seen an upwards of a 6% increase in the cost of goods weekly.

With the increase in the cost of produce, food vendors have to reevaluate their costs as well to match. These increases are causing many people to change their shopping habits. With people shopping less due to increased prices with unlivable wages, it’s all leading to a domino effect with no clear end in sight.

Unfortunately, if you haven’t received a pay raise to match the rate of inflation, you’re actually earning less because you can afford less.

Considering all this, Maine’s issues with food insecurity and food shortages will continue for the time being.

Are you worried about food problems in Maine?

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