What will Maine look like if all ice on Earth melts? Here’s your answer

Toni Koraza

While it's impossible to precisely say what would happen if all the ice on Earth melted, we can make some educated guesses based on what we know about climate change and its effects on the planet.

If you're curious about what Maine might look like in a future without ice, read on.

The dramatic sea-level rise

One of the first things you would notice if all the ice on Earth melted is that the seas would rise dramatically. This is because ice has a very high density, taking up a lot of space. So when glaciers melt, they releases immense amounts of water into the oceans, causing them to rise.

Antarctica and Greenland, two largest ice sheets on the planet, cover more than 6 million square miles. If these ice sheets where to melt, combines to all the landlocked and mountain ice, billions of people would lose their homes, experience safety concerns, and rush to relocate.

If the entirety of ice melts, sea level would rise 216 feet globally, according to National Geographic estimates. Half of Maine would be completely submerged, including Portland, Lewiston and Bangor.

This would significantly impact Maine, as much of the state is near the coast. Many areas would flood, and some parts of the state could disappear entirely under the water. This would be a major disaster for the people who live there and the wildlife.

Of course, this is just one potential outcome of melting all the ice on Earth. It's also possible that some areas would experience droughts, as greenhouse gasses released into the air would cause temperatures to soar, and fresh inland water could evaporate or turn toxic. This could lead to some areas becoming much drier than they are now, which could have devastating consequences on farming, wildlife, and overall quality of life.

In the end, it's difficult to accurately predict what would happen if all the ice on Earth melted. But one thing is for sure: it would have a significant impact on Maine and the rest of the world. So let's hope that we can avoid this scenario by doing our part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and slow down climate change.

Are you worried about the rising sea level?

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