America to face the most devastating brain drain in history

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Rarely any Americans wanted to move to a foreign country in the 90s.

Now they're sprinting to relocate like it's the sequel of Get Out. Only, instead of a single-family house and a bunch of occult weirdos, it's an entire country that's screaming for help.

It's not just any Americans that are leaving either. The US is losing its top talent, and the smartest brains are draining away across the board. Sadly, fresh brain import was the cornerstone of American growth for decades. Young and smart individuals would emigrate to the US in to chase the American Dream. Now that the dream is dead, young Americans are pursuing happiness in countries with healthcare.

Companies are struggling to hire competent professionals. And it's not because someone gave $1,400 to a struggling individual or a family last year. New hires are hard to find because the top talent is leaving to pursue another dream and a better tomorrow.

And it's not just about relocation to a different country. America is struggling with a record number of people renouncing their US citizenship.

If the trend continues, the "renunciation numbers will be world breaking," according to PRNewswire.

Why are the smartest Americans leaving the country?

Many feel failed by the American system. Others feel like they live in a hostile environment fueled by anti-science, racism, and extreme politics.

Where are young Americans going to?

English-speaking countries top the list.

  • Canada
  • England
  • Ireland
  • Scotland
  • New Zealand

But then, other Europan countries like the Netherlands, Spain, and Germany are extremely in line with the current migration trends.

Are you worried about the future of the United States?

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