Upscale Homes in Southern California Burned Because of Climate Change

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Wildfires have been getting more intense in recent years.

Of all emerging climate change issues, wildfires are the most damaging and misunderstood events. Besides the material and financial loss, people die in tragic events and rescue missions. The damage to the ecosystem and its wildlife is immeasurable, and it seems like the efforts to prevent wildfires yields little to no results.

Nineteen of the twenty largest and most destructive Californian wildfires happened in the past 20 years. Each new year sets a new catastrophic record. More square feet burn down than we're able to recover and rebuild.

And it's only getting worse.

How is climate change affecting wildfires in California?

Only a slight increase in average temperature prolongs wildfires' lifecycles. Mega wildfires can now burn through the night with similar intensity and vigor as during the day. This wasn't always the case.

Firefighters and first responders could get a break during the night as wildfires would slow down. Today, that's not the case anymore.

Wildfires have been disrupting every corner of the Golden State; even the upscale communities previously thought safe.

Southern California is on fire

At least 20 homes burned down as the Coastal fire ripped through the upmarket area of Laguna Niguel.

On Wednesday, the blaze started as a 50-by-50 foot fire near a water treatment plant, soon building a destructive momentum on the back of coastal winds and dry Californian vegetation.

"Our thoughts are with the community members whose homes have been damaged and those who were evacuated because of the Coastal fire, and we’re coordinating with fire agencies as needed to ensure firefighter safety," said David Song, a spokesman for the Southern California Edison utility.

Are you worried about the impact of climate change on wildfires?

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