Alabama to Face Extended Food Shortages

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Many factors can impact food security and produce concerning food shortages.

Between shipping and delivery disruptions and farming interruptions, food security may suffer in some parts of the country.

Alabama is well known for its many crops like peanuts, corn, and grains. The state will likely not have a shortage of these products. However, concerning reports suggest that Alabama may be facing a food shortage in the future as many food districts are finding it harder to have food delivered to grocery stores.

The Food Insecurity In Alabama

Food insecurity in Alabama is mostly due to low income and the non-livable wages of families in need. While much of the workforce is protesting for higher wages, many other people cannot afford to feed their families, leading to food insecurity. Paired with the last several years of hardship, the burden has only grown for these families.

There are disruptions in the shipping and delivery of some foods within Alabama. However, Alabama is home to the growth of many food staples like corn, grain, peanuts, peaches, and a myriad of other fruits. Thankfully, there is no current shortage of these items.

How Much Have the Food Prices Increased in The Past Five Years?

Food costs are on the rise all over the country. Inflation and rising prices from companies contribute to higher grocery store bills. Within the last year, the average cost of groceries per month in Alabama has increased by 5.2 percent.

Grocery taxes also take a large chunk of an Alabama resident’s pay.

Over the last five years, food prices have skyrocketed, increasing over three percent every year.

Alabama to Face Food Shortages

While the whole country is experiencing shipping and distribution trouble, Alabama may continue to have more of the food insecurity it has had since late 2021. Many news reports claim that these shortages are a result of the dwindling workforce in the face of COVID-19, while others claim dwindling crops.

With more and more people protesting the workforce for higher wages and livable incomes, food shortages in Alabama are likely to continue.

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