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What will happen to San Antonio if all Ice on Earth melts? Here’s your answer

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As Alamo stands proudly in the sunny city of San Antonio, a new danger is on the horizon.

San Antonio is the seventh biggest city in the United States. With over a million residents in the city limits and over two and a half million in the greater San Antonio area, the city is bustling with a significant portion of the American population.

The city has welcomed a lot of newcomers lately, however, this may get out of hand soon.

Life on Earth is Shifting

Many Americans are growing uneasy at the rapid intrusion of climate change into daily life. From floods to wildfires, much of the country is experiencing confusing weather patterns that threaten the stability of their homes.

The Great Melt

The ice located at either end of the planet, the North and South Pole, has been melting.

At the current rate of degradation, it is projected that the entirety of the ice in the sea will have melted by 2040, less than two decades away. Famines, storms, and other natural disasters are being triggered by this rapid loss.

The Rising Oceans

If all ice on Earth melted, experts say that the sea levels would rise by an estimated 216 feet or almost 66 meters. A flood of 60 meters would bury huge amounts of Texas underwater. Texas’ coastal cities are in severe danger of flooding by the end of the century as it is. Houston, Pasadena, Corpus Christi, and Victoria would flood beyond recognition.

The largest waves experienced during Hurricane Katrina were less than 30 feet. For reference, two-story homes are only about 30 feet tall. Corpus Christi is only 7 feet above sea level. Even a relatively small change in the ice levels in the ocean could wipe out Corpus Christi.

Pasadena is 30 feet above sea level, Houston is 80 feet, and Victoria is 95 feet. Even Victoria would be buried under more than 100 feet of water in the event of the ice caps completely melting.

The Fate of San Antonio

While the devastation of several of its neighboring cities would destroy the lives of many San Antonio residents, today San Antonio itself is 150 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. It is also over 800 feet above sea level. This elevation and distance from the ocean make San Antonio one of the safer Texan cities to live in in the event of a flood.

While the rivers around the city may overflow and cause structural issues, the apocalyptic fate of many southeastern Texan metropolises will not befall San Antonio.

Are you worried about the future of San Antonio?

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