Tennessee to Face Concerning Food Shortages

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Raging inflation and economic instability have taken hold of the American economy.

Since February 2022, Kyiv and Moscow have been at odds. As a backdrop to the Covid-19 outbreak and the Ukrainian-Russian situation, food safety concerns have developed in the United States, especially so in Tennessee.

Food shortages are caused by conflict and sickness, according to the US Department of Agriculture's Economic Research Service.

Food scarcity is not uncommon in Tennessee because of the world's current situation.

The Food Insecurity in Tennessee

Food insecurity is characterized by a lack of adequate food resources causing families' food intake to be restricted and their dietary habits to be disrupted at various periods throughout the year.

According to a 2021 report on food insecurity data in the United States completed by America's Health Rankings, the state of Tennessee has a significant rate of food insecurity across the state. While Tennessee is not part of the 10 states that have the highest rate of food insecurity, they still have a 12.5% rate.

How Much Have the Food Prices Increased in the Past Five Years?

Food prices have risen substantially in the United States during the last five years, virtually entirely owing to inflation.

However, because of supply chain issues, postponed crop yields, and wage cost interruptions triggered by the Covid-19 breakout, there has been even greater controversy in the food business within the last 3 years. The onset of the Covid-19 outbreak, followed by the Ukrainian-Russian war, has resulted in a rise in national food costs.

Food prices have risen even faster as a byproduct of the upheaval in Ukraine, particularly in recent months. Rising production prices, the Ukrainian-Russian confrontation, and the Covid-19 epidemic were all factors that led to the cost increase.

Are you worried about the rising food prices in Tennessee?

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