Google warns: Your browser has been hacked

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If you're using Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Brave browsers to roam the internet, your information could be compromised already.

The above browsers all rely on Chromium, Google's underlying browser technology.

Over 20 browsers and some 3 billion internet users use one of the Chromium browsers. And they've all been hacked, according to Google's latest announcement. Your information could be compromised.

Chromium browsers have been under heavy attacks in the past couple of years. A new security update seems to be coming out almost every week lately. And Google developers in Menlo Park seem to be busy protecting Chrome users from getting compromised.

However, most users seem oblivious to the dangers, and they often skip regular browser updates. Some think that waiting a week or two is fine before installing the latest updates.

Others have welcomed automatical updates. However, even if you've set up automatic updates, your data could still face risks if you don't follow the below steps.

Zero-day attacks and how to protect your information

Hackers can use the previously unknown vulnerabilities to target and attack Chromium users. These are known as Zero-Day hacks and often last until the next patch or software update.

How to protect yourself from Zero-day attacks?

1. Update your browser as soon as the security update is available
2. Restart your browser immediately following the update
3. Double-check if your browser is up to date in the About Chrome/Edge/Brave window
4. If you need another update, make sure to restart your browser immediately

Are you worried about the surge in cybercrime?

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