What will Delaware look like if a massive glacier melts? Here's your answer

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Delaware is known for its rich history, pro-business climate, and AstraZeneca, the world-renowned vaccine manufacturers.

This mid-Atlantic business paradise is under grave treat.

Delaware sits at an average elevation of 52 feet, which could permanently flood in our lifetime.

Bye bye-laware

Climate experts are increasingly worried about Thwaites Glacier, a Florida-sized ice mountain cracking in the western Antartic. Rise of just 1 to 2 degrees in sea levels would destabilize the Glacier's already sensitive base. The ice would crack from underneath and unleash a catastrophe of biblical proportions upon Delaware and the rest of the world.

"If Thwaites Glacier collapses, it opens the door for the rest of the West Antarctic ice sheet to slide into the sea,"Jeff Goodell writes for the Rolling Stone magazine.

Cities like Milton and MIlsboro that sit near sea leaves would be completely eradicated, forcing large migrations inland. This would mark the biggest seal-level rise this century. Scientists estimate Thwaite's retreat in the next decade if we don't act to prevent such event. Over a 100 climate scientists work together at International Thwaites Glacier Collaboration (ITGC) to study and monitor the risky glacier.

People are playing fire with climate change provoking extreme weather events. Let's just take a quick look of how Delaware would look if the Glacier melts in the next 10 years.

These before-and-after photos from hell point to a future nobody wants. Imagine your home and your stomping grounds forever destroyed. The water would get into every dent and crack, sinking large parts of this beautiful state.

To sum it up: Delaware, a state best known as a business center hosting a large number of incorporated organizations, is facing hurdles that tax-free benefits can't fix anytime soon.

Are you worried about rising sea levels?

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