Florida to Set Another Record Year for Climate Disasters

Toni Koraza

The Floridian peninsula is facing challenging climate reality.

Whether Tahallassee officials, Cape Coral waterfront residents, Miami beach newcomers agree with the devastating effects of climate change or not doesn't matter anymore.

The 8,400 miles of low-lying coastal typography is prone to disastrous effects of climate change. The rising sea levels, tropical storms, and wildfires are wreaking havoc on Florida's lifestyle. Water reservoirs are drying out, and whole populations face extinction under the effects of climate change.

The United States has witnessed over 308 climate disasters since the 1980s. Each one of these events exceeded $1 billion in damages (adjusted for inflation). The total cost lingers at around $2 trillion, which is enough money to fund the social safety net in America.

In the first nine months of 2021, the country has faced 18 harsh disasters costing over $100 billion in damages. Most notably, Tropical Storms Fred and Elsa ripped through Florida, leaving death and destruction in its path.

The growing frequency of extreme events

Billion-dollar catastrophes have been common this year, occurring every 18 days on average, according to a Climate Central report. This is a huge difference to 82 days in the 1980s or 26 days in the 2010s. Luckily, the loss of human life is dropping as we're developing better systems to deal with climate change.

Florida is home to 2.9 million single-family homes facing high exposure to extreme weather events.

By the end of the century, global means sea level is likely to rise at least one foot (0.3 meters) above 2000 levels, even if greenhouse gas emissions follow a relatively low pathway in coming decades,”  according to the U.S. climate agency, Climate.gov.

Are you worried about Florida's future?

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