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How Long Before Fernandina Beach Floods Completely Underwater?

Toni Koraza

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You know the drill.

Humans are disrupting the climate. Pollution and emissions are warming the oceans, melting glaciers, and dissolving ice sheets. The sea levels are rising in response. "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction," says Newton's third law of Thermodynamics.

“By the end of the century, global mean sea level is likely to rise at least one foot (0.3 meters) above 2000 levels, even if greenhouse gas emissions follow a relatively low pathway in coming decades,”  per the U.S. climate agency, Climate.gov.

Climate change is bringing ungraspable problems to Florida, especially to places sitting on low elevations. The beautiful San Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island is just such a place. Only 10 ft lay between your feet and sea level on this beautiful island.

Putting two and two together reveals a horrible outlook for the next few decades. Floodings, wildfires, forced immigration, lost homes, and destroyed families moving north are creeping into Florida's everyday reality. Climate issues are not the thing of the future. They're a problem today.

Thirteen thousand people of San Fernandina Beach face a 64% chance of experiencing severe flooding of up to 4ft in the next 30 years. Such severe floods would destroy lives and trigger intense migrations North.

Nassau County officials regularly create new policies to combat rising sea levels. The county has committed to taking a stronger lead in fighting climate change and reducing CO2 emissions.

"It is our responsibility to protect our environment for generations to come," Nassau County Executive Laura Curran said when announcing Nassau County's plan to participate in New York's Climate Smart Communities Program. By joining the program, Nassau officials plan to cut back on energy usage, decrease greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce solid waste accumulation.

Are you worried about San Fernandina Beach?

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