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Three Florida Cities to Flood Underwater in Our Lifetime

Toni Koraza
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The Sunshine State is one flooding away from being called the new Atlantis.

Some of the cities face irreparable damage and loss of property if something doesn't change soon.

Half of Florida is already underwater. It's easily seen on a simple satellite search.

The peninsula's coastline that sits flat above water has elevation of around 3-4tf, according to the topographic maps.

Rising sea levels are not as cataclysmic as depicted in Hollywood Movies, but sea level rises are a grave issue that threaten to destroy some of Florida's most iconic places.

Florida's costline could be wiped out during out lifetime. This is not a problem for the upcoming generations. The danger is already here.

Key West

Your Favourite vacation Key is among the most endangered places in Florida. If it were an animal, it would take the pedastel with Polar Bears, Seals and Pandas. Key West could completely disappear in our lifetime. Monroe County officials recognize the issue to an extent. The local municipality has announced the plan to elevate the roads and streets across all Keys. However, they simply lack the $1.8 billion to kickstart the project.

Miami Beach

Water pumps are slowly becoming part of Miami's appeal. While they can be charming to some, they uncomer a horrific reality. Parts of Miami Beach could soon be completely flooded underwater.

These zip codes have a 73% chance of sinking in a few decades, according to the Risk Finder.

  • Zipcode: 33139. Art District, South Ponte, South of Fifth, and Edgewater’s coastal areas. No. Homes at risk: 4,947. Potential damage: $2.3B
  • Zipcode: 33140. Bayshore, Botanical Garden, and MId-Beach sit on a flood plain. No. Homes at risk: 3,549. Potential damage: $2,7B.
  • Zipcode: 33141. North Bay Village, Normandy Isles, and North Beach are also marked with a high probability of structural damages. No. Homes at risk: 2,199. Potential damage: $700M
  • Zipcode: 33160. Oleta River State Park, Sunny Isles Beach, and Golden Beach are also at immense risk. No. Homes at risk: 2,268. Projected damage: $1.1B

Cape Coral

This pre-planned paradise in South West Florida is one of the most beautiful and fastest growing cities in the South. With population of 200,000 and elevation of just 5ft, this waterfront wonderland stands to lose everything.

Cape Coral is America's most-flood prone city. One severe storm could wipe the entire city off the map.

“The rate of sea-level rise here is about four millimeters per year, and it’s accelerating,” James Douglass, a marine scientist at Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers, told Florida Flood Trends.

Are you worried about the extreme floods in Florida?

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