Experts Warn: Florida Should Brace for Off-Season Hurricanes

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Some 21 named storms ripped through Florida during the Hurricane season this year, totaling over $70 billion in damages.

Then, 30 named storms tore the Sunshine state in 2020. When put in perspective, these numbers are beyond concerning. Atlantic Hurricane seasons usually witness some 14 named storms. The recent years have seen these numbers double.

We're almost running out of names to name these storms.

The Atlantic hurricane season

Floridians have thick skin. Most already know how to prepare for the hurricane season, so the expected storms are not necessarily the most concerning for everyday citizens.

However, people often don't prepare for the unexpected. The recent tornado incident ripped through six states, leaving an unrepairable dead trail and billions of dollars in damages.

  • Kentucky
  • Illinois
  • Arkansas
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Tennessee

The above states have absorbed most of the tornado damage. Kentucky reported 64 dead, while other states trail behind. An Amazon facility collapsed under the strong wind in Illinois, killing six workers.

This is more than a cautionary tale. It's a living testament to what's to come.

"We can expect ‘more intense tornadoes’" as Climate Change progresses, Dr. Mann told MSNBC.

Other reports support Dr. Mann's statement on more than just tornadoes.

Could Florida expect the unexpected?

Should Floridians brace for the events of unexpected storms in December or January? Historically, predicting off-season storms has been difficult, if not impossible.

Extreme weather events are growing stronger, more frequent, and more devastating, according to CoreLogic report. Florida has over 2.9 million family homes with direct exposure to extreme weather events.

The tragic events of last Friday were eye-opening.

Are you worried about an unexpected storm tearing your city apart?

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