Who Funds Climate Change Denial in Florida?

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Some still believe that climate change is Left-wing propaganda used to destroy capitalism.

Climate change denial is mainly a U.S. problem, and Florida takes the lead in perpetuating this belief despite being a climate-endangered state.

"Everyone I knew back when I was a climate skeptic was honestly persuaded that climate change was a wildly overblown concern that is being used by the left to destroy Western Capitalism," Jerry Tayler of Niskanen Center told CNBC.

Profits and politics

You can't be a Republican today and openly support climate action.

Some GOP members openly dismiss climate change, while others question its severity.

Gov. Ron DeSantis is the perfect example of how aware someone can be about the problem but can't use the climate language to address it. Namely, DeSantis has campaigned on climate action during his run for office in 2018, trying to move the Republican party away from Rick Scott's radical climate prohibition.

DeSantis then said he'd "be a fool not to consider climate change."

He changed the tone recently. When a journalist asked DeSantis about rising sea levels in Florida, the governor started rambling about Global Warming, dismissing it as a bunch of "left-wing things."

To DeSatnis's credit, the governor has enacted The Senate Bill 1954 that aims to deliver over $640 million in funds to strengthen Florida's resistance to impacts of rising sea levels, surging storms, and strong winds.

Republicans can't risk addressing climate change directly if they wish to stay in office.

21 Named Storms this Year

Storms are only growing stronger, more frequent, and more devastating, according to CoreLogic report.

Florida residents have witnessed 21 named storms in 2021, followed by the record-breaking 30 named storms in 2020. The average number of such storms is usually 14, according to III.

The Sunshine State is facing imminent risk of storm surges. Some 2.9 million family homes could become sand and rubble, creating hundreds of billions in RCV damages.

Unlike Pennsylvania and Texas, both states that heavily rely on the fossil fuel industry, Florida doesn't get to enjoy the same money. Strangely enough, Florida gets the short end of the stick. No oil money, but all the repercussions of climate change.

Even oil companies like Chevron admit their products hurt the environment and the climate. They can't fight science in the open anymore.

"We believe climate change is real and caused by human activity including the use of some of our products... Any allegation to the contrary is inaccurate and misleading." Per CNBC's report.

Money Talks: Manufacturing Climate Change Denial

The fossil fuel industry has invested billions to seize control over the climate narrative, reaching millions of Americans with daily propaganda.

While most climate-polluting corporations openly admit their role in climate change, they have been simulations funding climate denial. The money is often funneled to think tanks created to disrupt the science of climate change. Cato and Heartland Institutes are adding more staff, and getting larger donations from private interest groups.

  • Koch Family Foundation donated $123m to support climate change denial efforts (1998 - 2017).
  • ExxonMobil invested $39m in traceable funds to manufacture climate change denial (1998 - 2017).
  • Donor Trust (Dark Money ATM): $125 million to groups engaged in climate denial according to Guardian investigation.

The money fueling climate denial is concentrated in key areas. This would explain why only parts of the United States and a handful of other fossil-fuel reliant places actively deny the devastating effects of climate change.

Are you worried about the future of the Sunshine State?

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