Are Florida Leaders Promoting Climate Denial?

Toni Koraza

Florida is one of the most climate-endangered states in America.

Ponte Vedra Beach is crumbling unto itself. St. Petersburg, Miami Beach, and the Keys suffer frequent floods and hurricanes. The freshwater supply in the Floridian aquifer is slowly running dry.

Extreme weather is becoming so common that we can't call it extreme anymore. Storm surges are growing more frequent, and more devastating, according to CoreLogic report.

Florida is at grave risk of current climate changes. Some 2.9 million single-family homes face danger, turning the Sunshine State into the storm capital of America.

"Changes observed in Earth’s climate since the early 20th century are primarily driven by human activities..." According to NASA

To make matters worse, public denial and downplaying a widely-accepted scientific consensus of man-made climate change has been plaguing the Sunshine State. Florida suffered 21 named storms this year, setting new storm records.

More recently, Gov. DeSantis has again turned to climate mumbling again, calling Global Warming "left-wing stuff" he doesn't plan to address.

"...when people start talking about stuff like Global Warming, they typically use that as a pretext to do a bunch of left-wing things they would want to anyway..., said Gov Ron DeSantis during his during his visit to Pinellas County"

For some, Gov. DeSantis's speech sounded like a bizarre case of Déjà vu.

Former governor Rick Scott prohibited public workers from addressing the climate issues with the terms like "climate change" and "rising sea levels." The prohibition of climate-specific language only expedited the issue

Ron DeSantis defied Rick Scott's prohibition at first while running for office. Once he settled into office, he started appealing to the same masses as Rick Scott once did.

"I see the sea rising. I see increased flooding in South Florida. I think you'd be a fool not to consider that an issue that we need to address," said DeSantis during his campaign speech at Everglades in 2018.

Are you worried about the future of the Sunshine State?

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