Climate Change is a "Bunch of Left-Wing Things," says Gov. Ron DeSantis

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Gov. Ron DeSantis has become a master of addressing climate change while carefully hiding his tracks in public speeches.

He recently mumbled his way out of a question about sea-level rise in Florida. A journalist asked DeSantis about the climate future of Florida to what DeSantis replied by misquoting the journalist and rambling into obscenity.

"...when people start talking about stuff like Global Warming, they typically use that as a pretext to do a bunch of left-wing things they would want to anyway..."

The rest of the sentence makes even less sense. So, let's focus on the first part of the answer.

Ron DeSantis took the journalist's question about sea-level rise and infused the answer with Global Warming and left-wing stuff. Global Warming has become a catchphrase for the Republican leaders to mock this serious issue.

While Global Warming is part of Climate Change, the latter term envelops more problems than just the rise in global temperatures. And to put something at rest, human-driven disruptions are what worries scientists and not the everchanging climate nature since the dawn of time.

"Changes observed in Earth’s climate since the early 20th century are primarily driven by human activities..." Per NASA

Ron DeSantis is a hidden environmentalist

Florida's gubernatorial elections are almost two years away, but Ron DeSantis seems to be aligning with the extreme core of his party. In his recent speeches, he's turned to heavily Republican rhetorics.

His Predecessor, Former governor Rick Scott prohibited state workers from using the terms "climate change" and "rising sea levels." The prohibition of climate-specific language only expedited the issue.

DeSantis took the floor in 2018, heavily criticizing Scott's approach to climate change

"I see the sea rising. I see increased flooding in South Florida. I think you'd be a fool not to consider that an issue that we need to address," said DeSantis during his campaign speech at Everglades in 2018.

His platform targeted some of the burning climate issues, pledging to:

  • Complete water storage South of Lake Okeechobee
  • Stop oil drilling exploration fracking
  • Fund programs to combat beach erosion
  • Adress sea level rise and build coastal resilience

While DeSantis can't address climate change in name, he can still support the climate resilience programs with his actions.

The Senate Bill 1954 that Gov. Ron DeSantis signed into law this year, aims to deliver over $640 million to protect Florida from the impacts of climate effects such as rising sea levels, surging storms, and strong winds.

  • Resilient Coastlines Initiative: $12.5m for the shore and coral reef protection
  • Resilient Florida Grant Program: $29m for establishment and planning efforts of the program
  • Resilient Florida Grant Program: $100m for projects in partnership with local communities
  • Statewide Flooding and Sea Level Rise Resilience Plan: $500m for implementation of statewide resilience projects

Florida is at grave risk of climate change

Floridan denial of climate reality has been a burning issue in the Sunshine state.

Ponte Vedra Beach is crumbling unto itself. St. Petersburg, Miami Beach, and the Keys suffer frequent floods and hurricanes. The freshwater supply is also facing challenges.

Storm surges are also wreaking havoc upon Floridian wellbeing. Over 2.9 million homes face the extreme danger of storms and hurricanes, making the Sunshine State second to none another state when it comes to extreme devastating climate exposure.

Florida is by far the most climate-endangered state in the United States.

Are you worried about the future of the Sunshine State?

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