American Spring: Could California Leave the United States?

Toni Koraza

After the two most polarizing elections in recent history, Americans feel more divided than ever.

With Donald Trump becoming the president, California's secession movements have started waking up. The movement has been slowly brewing ever since.

If a breakup of this size were to happen, it could turn into the world's messiest divorce.

America is increasingly divided.

Unlike 1860, America is not at clear risk of breaking apart into Blue and Red states. Total war is far from the horizon. Most states are not just Red or Blue like a couple of centuries ago. Today, America is mostly purple, with almost every state having its fair amounts of Republicans and Democrats.

All this makes for a combustible political arena, but not a secessionist one.

Nevertheless, some states consider whether the American union is worth their while.


Similar to Brexit in Europe- which left Britain poorer and weaker, with tarnished reputation- CalExit is slowly brewing beneath the surface. Yes California and other secession parties are getting more support lately.

If California were to succeed from the United States, the Goldens State would become the 5th richest country on the planet.

The Golden State has been enjoying staggering economic growth over the past years. It's one of the rare states that ended 2020 with a net positive balance. As a matter of fact, we're talking about a $75Bn surplus.

California's GDP has grown by 17% over the past 3 years. Compared to Texas (another state with a loud separatist movement), this growth has been lagging. The Lone Star State's GDP grew some 10% over the same period, and it's far from having a massive budget surplus anytime soon.

  • Texas GDP: $1,843 trillion | + 10% growth over the past 3 years
  • California GDP: $3,132 trillion | +17% growth in the past 3 years

Would California be better without the United States?

I doubt it. The force of unity seems to hold strong. Americans can air their disagreement in the public arena without tearing down the country. This is the power of the strong democratic process.

On the other hand, some are convinced that Russian and Chinese troll farms stand behind these movements.

This is not a far-fetched idea. Sadly, everything in this article has some historical support.

Louis J. Marinelli, the leader of Yes California and the man who's behind the most significant CalExit movement, is running the campaign from his home in Russia, according to a KQED report.

Brewing separatist movements should be taken seriously. History has shown us plenty of reasons to keep an eye on the CalExit movement.

Which side will the wind blow?

Hopefully, the movement paves the way for stronger unity. America has never accomplished much through division.

Do you want California to leave the United States?

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